Toyota Cebu June 2019 Latest Promo


Celebrate June’s Toyota Cebu Back to School Deals. Celebrate with good music, great friends, bright lights, late nights and of course have a ride with a brand new Toyota Car.


    • Hassle-free requirements
    • Low down payment
    • Easy payment terms
    • Lowest interest rates
    • Customer satisfaction

Toyota Zero Down Payment Promo

The toyota zero down payment promo is only available to the following Toyota vehicles, Toyota Vios(all variants) and Toyota Wigo(all variants)

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Toyota All In Promo 2019

Here are the following toyota vehicles applicable to the all in promotion, Toyota Camry, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Avanza, Toyota Innova, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Hiace, Toyota Rush. You should avail now while units are still available.

  • Camry – as low as 135K Net Down Payment
  • Fortuner – as low as 20K Net Down Payment
  • Avanza – as low as 37K Net Down Payment
  • Innova – as low as 26K Net Down Payment
  • Hilux – as low as 58K Net Down Payment
  • Hiace – as low as 167K Net Down Payment
  • Rush – as low as 99K Net Down Payment

LATEST UPDATE: All New Toyota Avanza | All New Toyota Hiace | All New Toyota Rav4 | All New Toyota Camry

Promotion Validity

– promo coverage is nationwide, encompassing Toyota Motors Philippines dealer network.
– promo valid from June 1 – 30 2019 only.
– subject to bank approval.

Choose from a variety of promo options that suits your financial needs. Please check the pricing table below.

Model15% DP24 MOS36 MOS48 MOS60 MOS
Avanza 1.5 G A/T - MC34,40847,99133,73826,58622,377
Avanza 1.5 Veloz - MC36,02750,96235,82628,23223,763
Avanza 1.5 G M/T - MC31,36046,02632,35625,49821,461
Avanza 1.3 E A/T - MC30,65343,74130,74924,23220,396
Avanza 1.3 E M/T - MC29,10541,77629,36823,14319,479
Avanza 1.3 J M/T(taxi - 5strs) - MC23,77735,69725,09519,77516,645
Altis 2.0V A/T (White Pearl) - new102,46770,47849,54539,04332,862
Altis 2.0V A/T - new101,52069,79349,06438,66432,543
Altis 1.6V A/T MC (White Pearl) - new77,54354,66438,42830,28325,489
Altis 1.6V A/T MC - new76,59553,97937,94729,90325,169
Altis 1.6G A/T - new72,58750,41435,44027,92823,507
Altis 1.6G M/T - new68,81647,85433,64126,51022,314
Altis 1.6E M/T - new32,67346,20932,48425,59921,546
Vios 1.5 G PRIME CVT A/T White Pearl053,15637,36829,44724,786
Vios 1.5 G PRIME CVT A/T052,47136,88629,06824,466
Vios 1.5 G CVT A/T White Pearl050,64235,60128,05523,613
Vios 1.5 G CVT A/T049,95735,11927,67523,294
Vios 1.5 G M/T White Pearl047,94633,70526,56122,356
Vios 1.5 G M/T - new047,26033,22326,18122,036
VIOS 1.3 E PRIME CVT A/T045,06631,68124,96621,014
VIOS 1.3 E PRIME M/T042,78130,07523,70019,948
VIOS 1.3 E CVT A/T042,55329,91423,57319,841
VIOS 1.3 E M/T040,26728,30822,30718,776
Vios 1.3 XE9,04036,01725,31919,95316,794
Vios 1.3 J M/T6,07333,73123,71318,68715,728
Vios BASE MT10,82632,54322,87818,02815,174
Wigo 1.0 G A/T-new031,12621,88217,24314,514
Wigo 1.0 TRD A/T-new034,09723,97018,88915,899
Wigo 1.0 G M/T-MC029,52720,75716,35713,768
Wigo 1.0 E M/T-MC027,74419,50415,37012,937
RUSH 1.5G A/T67,67752,56236,95129,11824,509
RUSH 1.5E A/T61,23148,35733,99526,78922,548
RUSH 1.5E M/T60,80746,52932,70925,77621,696
Yaris 1.5 S A/T - new22,54350,50535,50527,97923,550
Yaris 1.3 E A/T - new19,43445,34131,87425,11821,141
Yaris 1.3 E M/T - new18,01242,96430,20323,80120,033
Camry 2.5 V A/T White Pearl149,12692,76565,35651,61143,532
Camry 2.5 V A/T148,13292,09364,88351,23843,217
Camry 2.5 G A/T White Pearl136,39984,43859,48946,97939,624
Camry 2.5 G A/T135,40583,76659,01646,60539,309
86 2.0 A/T White Pearl209,27996,61568,06953,75445,339
86 2.0 A/T207,78495,94467,59653,38045,024
86 2.0 M/T White Pearl196,48592,13864,91551,26343,238
86 2.0 M/T194,49091,46764,44150,88942,923
Alphard 3.5L Gas A/T White Pearl615,467170,799120,33495,02780,151
Alphard 3.5L Gas A/T612,797170,128119,86194,65379,836
Prius C Full option212,66487,61661,72948,74741,116
Prius 1.8L HYBRID White Pearl233,888105,39074,25158,63649,457
Prius 1.8L HYBRID232,725104,71973,77858,26249,141
LC 200 PREMIUM 4.5 DSL AT-WHITE545,913220,002154,999122,402103,240
LC 200 PREMIUM 4.5 DSL AT543,859219,330154,526122,028102,925
LC 200 DSL AT (Full Option) WHITE PEARL497,752203,616143,454113,28595,551
LC 200 DSL AT -NEW496,229202,944142,981112,91195,236
FJ CRUISER 4.0L A/T180,54794,01866,23952,30944,120
PRADO GAS A/T WP343,933149,623105,41583,24570,214
PRADO GAS A/T342,355148,951104,94282,87269,898
PRADO DSL A/T WHITE - new440,524182,663128,693101,62885,718
PRADO DSL A/T - new438,974181,992128,220101,25485,403
PRADO DSL M/T WHITE - new430,222178,186125,53899,13783,617
PRADO DSL M/T - new428,560177,515125,06598,76383,302
Fortuner 4X4 V DSL A/T WHITE PEARL - new92,670104,09273,33657,91348,847
Fortuner 4X4 V DSL A/T IMP - new91,428103,42072,86357,54048,532
Fortuner 4X2 V DSL A/T WHITE PEARL - new68,19988,91562,64449,46941,725
Fortuner 4X2 V DSL A/T - new67,45688,24362,17049,09641,410
Fortuner 4X2 TRD DSL A/T White Pearl60,60083,09558,54346,23138,994
Fortuner 4X2 TRD DSL A/T59,85882,42358,07045,85838,679
Fortuner 4X2 G DSL A/T IMP - new54,77778,21555,10543,51636,704
Fortuner 4X2 G DSL M/T IMP - new49,32574,18552,26641,27434,813
Fortuner 4X2 G GAS A/T IMP - new38,70574,40952,42441,39934,918
Innova V DSL A/T White Pearl - new75,70978,08055,01043,44136,641
Innova V DSL A/T - new75,08377,40954,53743,06836,326
Innova G DSL A/T - White Pearl - new46,17671,00750,02739,50633,322
Innova G DSL A/T - new45,54970,33549,55439,13233,006
Innova G DSL M/T - White Pearl - new54,28567,87347,81937,76231,851
Innova G DSL M/T - new53,65867,20147,34637,38931,536
Innova G GAS A/T - new46,84461,29143,18234,10128,763
Innova E DSL A/T - new27,97861,29143,18234,10128,763
Innova E DSL M/T - new32,55358,15840,97432,35727,292
Innova E GAS A/T - new43,03758,06840,91132,30727,250
Innova E GAS M/T - new39,94654,93438,70330,56425,779
Innova J DSL M/T - new31,87452,96437,31529,46824,855
Innova J GAS M/T - new41,96348,12933,90926,77822,586
Innova 2.8 Touring Sport Dsl A/T-new38,34364,47045,42235,86930,254
Innova 2.8 Touring Sport Dsl M/T-new35,25361,33643,21434,12628,784
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LTD White Pearl206,407101,54071,53856,49447,650
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LTD204,829100,86871,06556,12047,335
Rav4 4x2 2.5 XLE White Pearl175,85187,30361,50848,57340,969
Rav4 4x2 2.5 XLE176,27386,63161,03548,19940,654
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LE White Pearl178,21076,91654,19042,79436,095
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LE176,63276,24553,71742,42035,780
Hiace Super Grandia 2T(leather) - new110,784101,85371,75956,66847,797
Hiace Super Grandia 1T(leather) - new109,626101,18271,28656,29447,482
Hi-Ace Commuter - new102,85467,55947,59837,58831,704
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L A/T 2-Tone289,521103,06272,61157,34048,364
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L A/T Monotone287,179102,39072,13856,96748,049
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L M/T 2-Tone279,18699,70470,24555,47246,788
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L M/T Monotone278,18899,03369,77255,09946,473
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L A/T 2-Tone254,79795,36267,18653,05644,751
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L A/T Monotone254,38394,69066,71352,68344,435
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L M/T 2-Tone188,68792,00464,82051,18843,175
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L M/T Monotone188,69391,33264,34750,81442,860
Hiace Commuter Deluxe 2.8L M/T175,65374,18552,26641,27434,813
COASTER 30 SEATER WHITE429,398166,098117,02292,41277,945
Hilux 4X4 2.8L Conquest A/T97,38382,46858,10245,88338,700
Hilux 4X4 2.8L Conquest M/T88,32976,64854,00142,64435,969
Hilux 4X2 2.4L Conquest A/T88,59266,12746,58936,79131,032
Hilux 4X2 2.4L Conquest M/T89,14262,76944,22334,92329,456
Hilux 4X4 2.4L E M/T78,61555,33738,98730,78825,968
Hilux 4x4 2.8 G A/T67,96075,48453,18141,99735,422
Hilux 4x4 2.8 G M/T58,17869,66349,08038,75932,691
Hilux 4x2 2.4 E M/T78,33848,35334,06626,90222,691
Hilux 4x2 2.4 G M/T72,27356,14339,55531,23626,346
Hilux 4x2 2.4 G A/T71,30459,50141,92033,10427,922
Hilux 4x2 2.4 J M/T85,21244,27931,19624,63620,779
Hilux 4x2 M/T Cab & Chassis82,79339,35427,72621,89618,468
Hilux HSPU with Rear Aircon98,25349,60634,95027,60023,279
Hilux HSPU without Rear Aircon94,68848,35334,06626,90222,691
Hilux 4X4 2.4L E M/T with bedliner73,63356,14339,55531,23626,346
Hilux 4x4 2.8 G A/T with bedliner63,07876,28953,74942,44535,801
Hilux 4x4 2.8 G M/T with bedliner53,29670,46949,64839,20733,069
Hilux 4x2 2.4 E M/T with bedliner73,35649,15934,63427,35123,069
Hilux 4x2 2.4 G M/T with bedliner67,19056,94940,12331,68526,725
Hilux 4x2 2.4 G A/T with bedliner66,22060,30642,48833,55328,300
Hilux 4x2 2.4 J M/T with bedliner80,12845,08531,76425,08421,157
Model20% DP24 MOS36 MOS48 MOS60 MOS
Avanza 1.5 G A/T - MC93,60745,16931,75325,02321,061
Avanza 1.5 Veloz - MC98,89047,96533,71926,57122,365
Avanza 1.5 G M/T - MC88,13443,31930,45323,99820,199
Avanza 1.3 E A/T - MC84,60841,16828,94122,80619,196
Avanza 1.3 E M/T - MC80,63639,31827,64021,78218,333
Avanza 1.3 J M/T(taxi - 5strs) - MC67,81033,59723,61818,61215,666
Altis 2.0V A/T (White Pearl) - new189,40566,33346,63136,74730,929
Altis 2.0V A/T - new187,61265,68746,17736,38930,629
Altis 1.6V A/T MC (White Pearl) - new144,97351,44936,16828,50223,990
Altis 1.6V A/T MC - new143,18050,80435,71428,14423,689
Altis 1.6G A/T - new134,77547,44833,35626,28522,124
Altis 1.6G M/T - new127,84645,03931,66224,95121,001
Altis 1.6E M/T - new89,67343,49130,57424,09320,279
Vios 1.5 G PRIME CVT A/T White Pearl5350,02935,17027,71523,328
Vios 1.5 G PRIME CVT A/T049,38434,71727,35823,027
Vios 1.5 G CVT A/T White Pearl34,54647,66333,50726,40522,225
Vios 1.5 G CVT A/T33,19047,01833,05326,04721,924
Vios 1.5 G M/T White Pearl30,42245,12531,72324,99921,041
Vios 1.5 G M/T - new29,41644,48031,26924,64120,740
VIOS 1.3 E PRIME CVT A/T40,13142,41529,81823,49719,778
VIOS 1.3 E PRIME M/T47,58940,26528,30622,30618,775
VIOS 1.3 E CVT A/T49,75940,05028,15422,18718,674
VIOS 1.3 E M/T46,27337,89926,64220,99517,672
Vios 1.3 XE53,46733,89823,83018,77915,806
Vios 1.3 J M/T47,68131,74722,31817,58814,803
Vios BASE MT50,96930,62921,53216,96814,282
Wigo 1.0 G A/T-new28,12329,29520,59416,22913,660
Wigo 1.0 TRD A/T-new39,22132,09122,56017,77814,964
Wigo 1.0 G M/T-MC22,81627,79019,53615,39512,958
Wigo 1.0 E M/T-MC19,16426,11218,35714,46612,176
RUSH 1.5G A/T132,51449,47034,77727,40623,067
RUSH 1.5E A/T120,88145,51331,99525,21321,222
RUSH 1.5E M/T118,20243,79230,78524,26020,419
Yaris 1.5 S A/T - new84,84347,53433,41626,33322,164
Yaris 1.3 E A/T - new75,36342,67429,99923,64019,898
Yaris 1.3 E M/T - new71,00940,43728,42722,40118,855
Camry 2.5 V A/T White Pearl280,24287,30861,51248,57640,971
Camry 2.5 V A/T278,29886,67661,06648,22440,675
Camry 2.5 G A/T White Pearl255,74579,47155,99044,21537,294
Camry 2.5 G A/T253,80278,83955,54543,86336,997
86 2.0 A/T White Pearl327,71090,93264,06550,59242,672
86 2.0 A/T325,39290,30063,62050,24042,375
86 2.0 M/T White Pearl309,42886,71861,09648,24740,695
86 2.0 M/T306,61086,08660,65147,89640,398
Alphard 3.5L Gas A/T White Pearl739,378160,752113,25689,43775,436
Alphard 3.5L Gas A/T736,221160,120112,81089,08675,140
Prius C Full option363,90182,46258,09845,88038,697
Prius 1.8L HYBRID White Pearl415,80599,19169,88355,18746,547
Prius 1.8L HYBRID413,48398,55969,43854,83546,251
LC 200 PREMIUM 4.5 DSL AT-WHITE870,630207,061145,881115,20297,167
LC 200 PREMIUM 4.5 DSL AT867,585206,429145,436114,85096,871
LC 200 DSL AT (Full Option) WHITE PEARL798,284191,639135,016106,62189,930
LC 200 DSL AT -NEW795,769191,007134,571106,27089,634
FJ CRUISER 4.0L A/T319,31588,48862,34349,23241,525
PRADO GAS A/T WP527,342140,82299,21478,34966,083
PRADO GAS A/T524,941140,19098,76977,99765,787
PRADO DSL A/T WHITE - new687,282171,919121,12395,65080,676
PRADO DSL A/T - new684,825171,287120,67795,29880,380
PRADO DSL M/T WHITE - new670,932167,705118,15493,30578,699
PRADO DSL M/T - new668,363167,073117,70992,95478,402
Fortuner 4X4 V DSL A/T WHITE PEARL - new226,77697,96969,02354,50745,974
Fortuner 4X4 V DSL A/T IMP - new224,66997,33768,57754,15545,677
Fortuner 4X2 V DSL A/T WHITE PEARL - new182,75183,68458,95946,55939,271
Fortuner 4X2 V DSL A/T - new181,14483,05258,51346,20838,974
Fortuner 4X2 TRD DSL A/T White Pearl167,65478,20755,09943,51236,700
Fortuner 4X2 TRD DSL A/T166,04777,57554,65443,16036,404
Fortuner 4X2 G DSL A/T IMP - new155,54473,61451,86440,95734,545
Fortuner 4X2 G DSL M/T IMP - new144,90069,82149,19238,84732,765
Fortuner 4X2 G GAS A/T IMP - new134,56970,03249,34038,96432,864
Innova V DSL A/T White Pearl - new171,42073,48751,77540,88634,486
Innova V DSL A/T - new169,97072,85551,32940,53534,189
Innova G DSL A/T - White Pearl - new133,21566,83047,08437,18231,362
Innova G DSL A/T - new131,76666,19846,63936,83031,065
Innova G DSL M/T - White Pearl - new137,48363,88045,00635,54129,977
Innova G DSL M/T - new136,03363,24844,56135,18929,681
Innova G GAS A/T - new121,97557,68640,64232,09527,071
Innova E DSL A/T - new103,10957,68640,64232,09527,071
Innova E DSL M/T - new103,84354,73738,56430,45425,687
Innova E GAS A/T - new114,21654,65238,50530,40725,647
Innova E GAS M/T - new107,28351,70336,42728,76624,263
Innova J DSL M/T - new96,79749,84935,12027,73423,393
Innova J GAS M/T - new100,95945,29831,91425,20321,257
Innova 2.8 Touring Sport Dsl A/T-new117,37160,67842,75033,75928,475
Innova 2.8 Touring Sport Dsl M/T-new110,43857,72840,67232,11827,090
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LTD White Pearl330,87595,56767,33053,17044,847
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LTD328,47394,93566,88552,81944,550
Rav4 4x2 2.5 XLE White Pearl282,86782,16857,89045,71638,559
Rav4 4x2 2.5 XLE282,46681,53557,44545,36438,262
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LE White Pearl272,49472,39251,00340,27733,972
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LE270,09271,76050,55739,92533,675
Hiace Super Grandia 2T(leather) - new261,11695,86267,53853,33544,985
Hiace Super Grandia 1T(leather) - new258,96795,23067,09352,98344,689
Hi-Ace Commuter - new194,11963,58544,79835,37729,839
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L A/T 2-Tone415,85497,00068,34053,96845,519
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L A/T Monotone412,68996,36867,89453,61645,223
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L M/T 2-Tone376,46293,83966,11352,20944,036
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L M/T Monotone374,80893,20765,66851,85843,740
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L A/T 2-Tone359,76489,75263,23449,93542,118
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L A/T Monotone358,61089,12062,78849,58441,822
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L M/T 2-Tone301,46586,59261,00748,17740,635
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L M/T Monotone300,64885,96060,56247,82540,339
Hiace Commuter Deluxe 2.8L M/T266,58969,82149,19238,84732,765
COASTER 30 SEATER WHITE633,003156,328110,13986,97673,360
Hilux 4X4 2.8L Conquest A/T198,47277,61754,68443,18436,423
Hilux 4X4 2.8L Conquest M/T182,28472,13950,82540,13633,853
Hilux 4X2 2.4L Conquest A/T169,65062,23743,84834,62729,206
Hilux 4X2 2.4L Conquest M/T166,08359,07741,62232,86927,723
Hilux 4X4 2.4L E M/T146,44752,08236,69428,97724,441
Hilux 4x4 2.8 G A/T160,48871,04350,05339,52633,339
Hilux 4x4 2.8 G M/T143,57165,56646,19336,47930,768
Hilux 4x2 2.4 E M/T137,60945,50932,06325,32021,356
Hilux 4x2 2.4 G M/T141,09352,84037,22829,39924,797
Hilux 4x2 2.4 G A/T144,23956,00139,45531,15726,280
Hilux 4x2 2.4 J M/T139,48841,67429,36123,18619,557
Hilux 4x2 M/T Cab & Chassis131,03237,03926,09620,60817,382
Hilux HSPU with Rear Aircon159,06046,68832,89425,97621,910
Hilux HSPU without Rear Aircon153,95845,50932,06325,32021,356
Hilux 4X4 2.4L E M/T with bedliner142,45252,84037,22829,39924,797
Hilux 4x4 2.8 G A/T with bedliner156,59471,80250,58739,94833,695
Hilux 4x4 2.8 G M/T with bedliner139,67766,32446,72836,90131,124
Hilux 4x2 2.4 E M/T with bedliner133,61446,26732,59725,74221,712
Hilux 4x2 2.4 G M/T with bedliner136,99753,59937,76229,82125,153
Hilux 4x2 2.4 G A/T with bedliner140,14356,75939,98931,57926,636
Hilux 4x2 2.4 J M/T with bedliner135,39342,43329,89523,60819,913
Model25% DP24 MOS36 MOS48 MOS60 MOS
Avanza 1.5 G A/T - MC152,80642,34629,76923,45919,745
Avanza 1.5 Veloz - MC161,75444,96731,61124,91120,967
Avanza 1.5 G M/T - MC144,90940,61128,54922,49818,936
Avanza 1.3 E A/T - MC138,56438,59527,13221,38117,996
Avanza 1.3 E M/T - MC132,16736,86125,91320,42017,188
Avanza 1.3 J M/T(taxi - 5strs) - MC111,84331,49722,14217,44914,687
Altis 2.0V A/T (White Pearl) - new276,34362,18743,71734,45028,996
Altis 2.0V A/T - new273,70461,58243,29134,11528,714
Altis 1.6V A/T MC (White Pearl) - new212,40448,23333,90826,72022,490
Altis 1.6V A/T MC - new209,76547,62933,48226,38522,208
Altis 1.6G A/T - new196,96244,48331,27124,64320,742
Altis 1.6G M/T - new186,87642,22529,68323,39219,689
Altis 1.6E M/T - new146,67340,77328,66322,58719,012
Vios 1.5 G PRIME CVT A/T White Pearl65,62346,90332,97225,98321,870
Vios 1.5 G PRIME CVT A/T63,68846,29832,54725,64821,588
Vios 1.5 G CVT A/T White Pearl97,01544,68531,41324,75420,836
Vios 1.5 G CVT A/T94,81344,08030,98824,41920,553
Vios 1.5 G M/T White Pearl89,56542,30529,74023,43619,726
Vios 1.5 G M/T - new87,71341,70029,31523,10119,444
VIOS 1.3 E PRIME CVT A/T95,72139,76527,95422,02918,541
VIOS 1.3 E PRIME M/T100,36037,74826,53720,91217,601
VIOS 1.3 E CVT A/T102,24937,54626,39520,80017,507
VIOS 1.3 E M/T95,94435,53024,97719,68316,567
Vios 1.3 XE97,89531,78022,34117,60514,818
Vios 1.3 J M/T89,29029,76320,92316,48813,878
Vios BASE MT91,11128,71520,18615,90813,389
Wigo 1.0 G A/T-new66,51827,46419,30715,21512,806
Wigo 1.0 TRD A/T-new81,28130,08621,15016,66714,029
Wigo 1.0 G M/T-MC59,23826,05318,31514,43312,148
Wigo 1.0 E M/T-MC53,38724,48017,20913,56211,415
RUSH 1.5G A/T197,35146,37832,60425,69321,625
RUSH 1.5E A/T180,53142,66829,99523,63719,895
RUSH 1.5E M/T175,59741,05528,86122,74419,143
Yaris 1.5 S A/T - new147,14344,56431,32824,68720,779
Yaris 1.3 E A/T - new131,29240,00728,12422,16318,654
Yaris 1.3 E M/T - new124,00637,90926,65021,00117,677
Camry 2.5 V A/T White Pearl393,95381,85157,66745,54038,411
Camry 2.5 V A/T391,18781,25957,25045,21038,133
Camry 2.5 G A/T White Pearl359,24974,50452,49141,45234,963
Camry 2.5 G A/T356,48273,91152,07341,12234,685
86 2.0 A/T White Pearl446,14185,24960,06147,43040,005
86 2.0 A/T443,00084,65659,64347,10039,727
86 2.0 M/T White Pearl422,37181,29857,27845,23238,151
86 2.0 M/T418,73080,70656,86044,90237,873
Alphard 3.5L Gas A/T White Pearl948,745150,705106,17783,84870,722
Alphard 3.5L Gas A/T944,765150,113105,76083,51870,444
Prius C Full option471,30177,30954,46743,01236,279
Prius 1.8L HYBRID White Pearl544,99292,99165,51651,73843,638
Prius 1.8L HYBRID541,84892,39965,09851,40843,360
LC 200 PREMIUM 4.5 DSL AT-WHITE1,140,311194,119136,764108,00291,094
LC 200 PREMIUM 4.5 DSL AT1,136,442193,527136,346107,67290,816
LC 200 DSL AT (Full Option) WHITE PEARL1,047,878179,661126,57899,95884,310
LC 200 DSL AT -NEW1,044,540179,069126,16099,62884,031
FJ CRUISER 4.0L A/T434,56382,95858,44746,15538,930
PRADO GAS A/T WP710,751132,02093,01373,45261,953
PRADO GAS A/T707,527131,42892,59673,12261,675
PRADO DSL A/T WHITE - new911,193161,174113,55389,67275,634
PRADO DSL A/T - new907,912160,581113,13589,34275,356
PRADO DSL M/T WHITE - new889,355157,223110,76987,47473,780
PRADO DSL M/T - new885,962156,631110,35287,14473,502
Fortuner 4X4 V DSL A/T WHITE PEARL - new354,37291,84664,70951,10043,101
Fortuner 4X4 V DSL A/T IMP - new351,44291,25364,29150,77042,823
Fortuner 4X2 V DSL A/T WHITE PEARL - new291,74378,45455,27443,65036,816
Fortuner 4X2 V DSL A/T - new289,31277,86254,85643,32036,538
Fortuner 4X2 TRD DSL A/T White Pearl269,51273,31951,65640,79234,407
Fortuner 4X2 TRD DSL A/T267,08172,72651,23840,46334,129
Fortuner 4X2 G DSL A/T IMP - new251,41969,01348,62238,39732,386
Fortuner 4X2 G DSL M/T IMP - new235,83665,45846,11736,41930,718
Fortuner 4X2 G GAS A/T IMP - new225,78065,65546,25736,52930,810
Innova V DSL A/T White Pearl - new267,13168,89448,53938,33132,330
Innova V DSL A/T - new264,85868,30248,12138,00132,052
Innova G DSL A/T - White Pearl - new220,25562,65344,14134,85829,401
Innova G DSL A/T - new217,98262,06043,72434,52929,123
Innova G DSL M/T - White Pearl - new220,68159,88842,19333,32028,104
Innova G DSL M/T - new218,40859,29541,77632,99027,826
Innova G GAS A/T - new197,10654,08138,10230,08925,379
Innova E DSL A/T - new178,23954,08138,10230,08925,379
Innova E DSL M/T - new175,13251,31636,15428,55124,081
Innova E GAS A/T - new185,39551,23736,09828,50724,044
Innova E GAS M/T - new174,62148,47134,15026,96822,747
Innova J DSL M/T - new161,72046,73332,92526,00121,931
Innova J GAS M/T - new159,95542,46729,92023,62719,929
Innova 2.8 Touring Sport Dsl A/T-new196,39856,88640,07831,65026,695
Innova 2.8 Touring Sport Dsl M/T-new185,62454,12038,13030,11125,397
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LTD White Pearl455,34289,59463,12249,84742,044
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LTD452,11889,00262,70549,51841,766
Rav4 4x2 2.5 XLE White Pearl389,88377,03254,27242,85836,149
Rav4 4x2 2.5 XLE388,65876,44053,85442,52935,871
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LE White Pearl366,77767,86747,81537,75931,848
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LE363,55367,27547,39837,43031,570
Hiace Super Grandia 2T(leather) - new385,96889,87163,31750,00142,174
Hiace Super Grandia 1T(leather) - new382,99689,27862,90049,67241,896
Hi-Ace Commuter - new276,93259,61141,99833,16627,974
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L A/T 2-Tone542,18890,93764,06950,59542,674
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L A/T Monotone538,20090,34563,65150,26542,396
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L M/T 2-Tone498,67987,97461,98148,94641,284
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L M/T Monotone496,20387,38261,56448,61741,006
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L A/T 2-Tone476,65884,14359,28246,81439,486
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L A/T Monotone474,68283,55058,86446,48539,208
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L M/T 2-Tone414,24481,18057,19445,16638,096
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L M/T Monotone412,60380,58756,77744,83637,818
Hiace Commuter Deluxe 2.8L M/T357,52665,45846,11736,41930,718
COASTER 30 SEATER WHITE836,607146,558103,25581,54068,775
Hilux 4X4 2.8L Conquest A/T299,56172,76651,26640,48534,147
Hilux 4X4 2.8L Conquest M/T276,23867,63047,64837,62831,737
Hilux 4X2 2.4L Conquest A/T250,70858,34741,10832,46327,381
Hilux 4X2 2.4L Conquest M/T243,02555,38439,02030,81425,991
Hilux 4X4 2.4L E M/T214,27948,82734,40027,16622,913
Hilux 4x4 2.8 G A/T253,01566,60346,92437,05631,255
Hilux 4x4 2.8 G M/T228,96461,46843,30634,19928,845
Hilux 4x2 2.4 E M/T196,87942,66430,05923,73720,022
Hilux 4x2 2.4 G M/T209,91249,53834,90127,56223,247
Hilux 4x2 2.4 G A/T217,17552,50136,98929,21024,637
Hilux 4x2 2.4 J M/T193,76539,07027,52621,73718,335
Hilux 4x2 M/T Cab & Chassis179,27234,72424,46519,32016,295
Hilux HSPU with Rear Aircon219,86743,77030,83824,35320,541
Hilux HSPU without Rear Aircon213,22942,66430,05923,73720,022
Hilux 4X4 2.4L E M/T with bedliner211,27249,53834,90127,56223,247
Hilux 4x4 2.8 G A/T with bedliner250,10967,31447,42537,45231,589
Hilux 4x4 2.8 G M/T with bedliner226,05862,17943,80734,59529,179
Hilux 4x2 2.4 E M/T with bedliner193,87243,37530,56024,13320,355
Hilux 4x2 2.4 G M/T with bedliner206,80450,24935,40227,95723,581
Hilux 4x2 2.4 G A/T with bedliner214,06753,21237,49029,60624,971
Hilux 4x2 2.4 J M/T with bedliner190,65739,78128,02722,13318,668
Model30% DP24 MOS36 MOS48 MOS60 MOS
Avanza 1.5 G A/T - MC212,00539,52327,78421,89518,429
Avanza 1.5 Veloz - MC224,61841,96929,50423,25019,569
Avanza 1.5 G M/T - MC201,68437,90426,64620,99817,674
Avanza 1.3 E A/T - MC192,52036,02225,32319,95616,797
Avanza 1.3 E M/T - MC183,69834,40424,18519,05916,042
Avanza 1.3 J M/T(taxi - 5strs) - MC155,87629,39820,66616,28613,708
Altis 2.0V A/T (White Pearl) - new363,28158,04140,80232,15427,063
Altis 2.0V A/T - new359,79657,47740,40531,84126,800
Altis 1.6V A/T MC (White Pearl) - new279,83445,01831,64724,93920,991
Altis 1.6V A/T MC - new276,34944,45331,25024,62620,728
Altis 1.6G A/T - new259,14941,51729,18623,00019,359
Altis 1.6G M/T - new245,90639,41027,70521,83218,376
Altis 1.6E M/T - new203,67338,05526,75221,08217,744
Vios 1.5 G PRIME CVT A/T White Pearl131,19343,77630,77424,25120,412
Vios 1.5 G PRIME CVT A/T128,41243,21130,37723,93820,149
Vios 1.5 G CVT A/T White Pearl159,48441,70629,31923,10419,447
Vios 1.5 G CVT A/T156,43741,14128,92222,79119,183
Vios 1.5 G M/T White Pearl148,70739,48527,75821,87418,411
Vios 1.5 G M/T - new146,01038,92027,36121,56118,148
VIOS 1.3 E PRIME CVT A/T151,31237,11426,09120,56017,305
VIOS 1.3 E PRIME M/T153,13235,23224,76819,51816,428
VIOS 1.3 E CVT A/T154,73935,04324,63519,41416,340
VIOS 1.3 E M/T145,61533,16123,31218,37115,463
Vios 1.3 XE142,32229,66120,85116,43213,831
Vios 1.3 J M/T130,89827,77919,52815,38912,953
Vios BASE MT131,25426,80018,84114,84712,497
Wigo 1.0 G A/T-new104,91225,63418,02014,20111,953
Wigo 1.0 TRD A/T-new123,34028,08019,74015,55613,093
Wigo 1.0 G M/T-MC95,65924,31617,09413,47111,338
Wigo 1.0 E M/T-MC87,61022,84816,06212,65810,654
RUSH 1.5G A/T262,18843,28730,43023,98020,184
RUSH 1.5E A/T240,18139,82427,99622,06218,569
RUSH 1.5E M/T232,99238,31826,93721,22817,867
Yaris 1.5 S A/T - new209,44341,59329,23923,04219,394
Yaris 1.3 E A/T - new187,22137,33926,24920,68517,411
Yaris 1.3 E M/T - new177,00335,38224,87319,60116,498
Camry 2.5 V A/T White Pearl507,66576,39553,82342,50435,850
Camry 2.5 V A/T504,07575,84253,43342,19635,591
Camry 2.5 G A/T White Pearl462,75269,53748,99138,68832,632
Camry 2.5 G A/T459,16368,98448,60238,38132,372
86 2.0 A/T White Pearl564,57279,56656,05744,26837,338
86 2.0 A/T560,60879,01355,66743,96037,078
86 2.0 M/T White Pearl535,31475,87953,45942,21735,608
86 2.0 M/T530,85075,32653,07041,90935,348
Alphard 3.5L Gas A/T White Pearl1,158,112140,65899,09978,25866,007
Alphard 3.5L Gas A/T1,153,309140,10598,70977,95065,747
Prius C Full option578,70172,15550,83640,14533,860
Prius 1.8L HYBRID White Pearl674,18086,79261,14848,28840,729
Prius 1.8L HYBRID670,21286,23960,75847,98140,470
LC 200 PREMIUM 4.5 DSL AT-WHITE1,409,991181,178127,646100,80185,021
LC 200 PREMIUM 4.5 DSL AT1,405,299180,625127,257100,49484,762
LC 200 DSL AT (Full Option) WHITE PEARL1,297,473167,684118,13993,29478,689
LC 200 DSL AT -NEW1,293,311167,131117,74992,98678,429
FJ CRUISER 4.0L A/T549,81177,42754,55043,07836,335
PRADO GAS A/T WP894,160123,21986,81268,55557,823
PRADO GAS A/T890,112122,66686,42368,24757,564
PRADO DSL A/T WHITE - new1,135,103150,429105,98283,69470,592
PRADO DSL A/T - new1,130,999149,876105,59383,38670,332
PRADO DSL M/T WHITE - new1,107,777146,742103,38581,64268,862
PRADO DSL M/T - new1,103,561146,189102,99581,33568,602
Fortuner 4X4 V DSL A/T WHITE PEARL - new481,96885,72360,39547,69440,227
Fortuner 4X4 V DSL A/T IMP - new478,21485,17060,00547,38639,968
Fortuner 4X2 V DSL A/T WHITE PEARL - new400,73473,22451,58940,74034,362
Fortuner 4X2 V DSL A/T - new397,48172,67151,19940,43234,103
Fortuner 4X2 TRD DSL A/T White Pearl371,36968,43148,21238,07332,113
Fortuner 4X2 TRD DSL A/T368,11567,87847,82337,76531,853
Fortuner 4X2 G DSL A/T IMP - new347,29564,41245,38135,83730,227
Fortuner 4X2 G DSL M/T IMP - new326,77361,09443,04333,99128,670
Fortuner 4X2 G GAS A/T IMP - new316,99161,27843,17334,09328,756
Innova V DSL A/T White Pearl - new362,84164,30245,30335,77630,175
Innova V DSL A/T - new359,74563,74944,91335,46829,916
Innova G DSL A/T - White Pearl - new307,29558,47641,19932,53427,441
Innova G DSL A/T - new304,19957,92340,80932,22727,182
Innova G DSL M/T - White Pearl - new303,87955,89539,38031,09926,230
Innova G DSL M/T - new300,78355,34238,99130,79125,971
Innova G GAS A/T - new272,23650,47535,56228,08323,687
Innova E DSL A/T - new253,37050,47535,56228,08323,687
Innova E DSL M/T - new246,42147,89533,74426,64722,476
Innova E GAS A/T - new256,57547,82133,69226,60622,441
Innova E GAS M/T - new241,95945,24031,87325,17021,230
Innova J DSL M/T - new226,64343,61830,73024,26820,469
Innova J GAS M/T - new218,95139,63627,92522,05218,600
Innova 2.8 Touring Sport Dsl A/T-new275,42553,09337,40629,54024,915
Innova 2.8 Touring Sport Dsl M/T-new260,80950,51235,58828,10423,704
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LTD White Pearl579,81083,62158,91446,52439,241
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LTD575,76283,06858,52546,21738,982
Rav4 4x2 2.5 XLE White Pearl496,89971,89750,65440,00133,739
Rav4 4x2 2.5 XLE494,85171,34450,26439,69333,480
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LE White Pearl461,06163,34344,62735,24229,725
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LE457,01362,79044,23834,93429,466
Hiace Super Grandia 2T(leather) - new510,82083,87959,09646,66839,362
Hiace Super Grandia 1T(leather) - new507,02583,32658,70646,36039,103
Hi-Ace Commuter - new359,74655,63739,19930,95526,109
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L A/T 2-Tone668,52284,87559,79747,22239,829
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L A/T Monotone663,71084,32259,40846,91439,570
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L M/T 2-Tone620,89782,11057,84945,68338,532
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L M/T Monotone617,59781,55757,46045,37638,272
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L A/T 2-Tone593,55278,53355,33043,69436,854
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L A/T Monotone590,75377,98054,94043,38636,594
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L M/T 2-Tone527,02275,76853,38142,15535,556
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L M/T Monotone524,55875,21552,99241,84735,296
Hiace Commuter Deluxe 2.8L M/T448,46261,09443,04333,99128,670
COASTER 30 SEATER WHITE1,040,212136,78796,37176,10464,190
Hilux 4X4 2.8L Conquest A/T400,65067,91547,84837,78631,871
Hilux 4X4 2.8L Conquest M/T370,19363,12244,47235,11929,621
Hilux 4X2 2.4L Conquest A/T331,76654,45738,36730,29925,556
Hilux 4X2 2.4L Conquest M/T319,96751,69236,41928,76024,258
Hilux 4X4 2.4L E M/T282,11045,57232,10725,35521,386
Hilux 4x4 2.8 G A/T345,54362,16343,79634,58629,172
Hilux 4x4 2.8 G M/T314,35857,37040,41931,91926,922
Hilux 4x2 2.4 E M/T256,14939,82028,05522,15518,687
Hilux 4x2 2.4 G M/T278,73246,23532,57525,72421,697
Hilux 4x2 2.4 G A/T290,11049,00134,52327,26322,995
Hilux 4x2 2.4 J M/T248,04136,46525,69120,28817,112
Hilux 4x2 M/T Cab & Chassis227,51132,40922,83418,03215,209
Hilux HSPU with Rear Aircon280,67440,85228,78222,72919,171
Hilux HSPU without Rear Aircon272,49939,82028,05522,15518,687
Hilux 4X4 2.4L E M/T with bedliner280,09146,23532,57525,72421,697
Hilux 4x4 2.8 G A/T with bedliner343,62562,82744,26434,95529,483
Hilux 4x4 2.8 G M/T with bedliner312,43958,03440,88732,28827,234
Hilux 4x2 2.4 E M/T with bedliner254,13040,48428,52222,52418,998
Hilux 4x2 2.4 G M/T with bedliner276,61246,89933,04226,09322,009
Hilux 4x2 2.4 G A/T with bedliner287,99049,66434,99027,63223,306
Hilux 4x2 2.4 J M/T with bedliner245,92137,12926,15920,65817,424


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