2020 Toyota Alphard with Safety Sense

2020 Toyota Alphard with Safety Sense

2020 Toyota Alphard now equipped with Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP), is giving its 2020 Toyota Alphard with Safety Sense an update for the model year 2020. The luxury minivan now will come equipped with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), which is a suite of modern active safety features that assists the driver to provide greater peace of mind. 

Safety Sense includes a Pre-collision System (PCS) that assists in the prevention of accidents. Sensors and cameras detect the possibility of a collision and reacts with consideration of the driver’s actions. Once a possible collision is detected by the sensors, the system will audibly as well as visually alert the driver. This feature also will allow the brake assist system to kick in while the driver is trying to stop. If the driver is not responsive to the alerts, the vehicle will autonomously brake. 

2020 Toyota Alphard Safety Sense Features

Alphard Toyota Safety Sense

Pre-collision system (PCS):

Uses sensors and cameras to analyze various driving situations to alert the driver with beeps and visual warnings if there’s a possibility of a collision. If need be, it activates the brake assist system to help the driver add pressure on the brakes to prevent collision. Should the driver totally fail to engage the brakes, PCS will apply automatic braking to prevent the collision.

Automatic High Beam (AHB):

Automatically adjusts the headlight’s beam setting depending on driving conditions. When the high beam is in use, the system will automatically adjust it to low beam if it detects oncoming traffic. After the vehicles have passed, it will revert back to the high beam.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) and Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) plus Steering Assist:

Helps the driver by making small speed corrections within the set cruise speed relative to the speed of the vehicle in front to maintain appropriate distance. It comes with a function that will bring the Alphard to a halt should the vehicle in front come to a full stop. While DRCC is active, LTA will monitor road lanes to keep the vehicle centered at all times by applying force to the steering wheel to assist/alert the driver should the vehicle drift outside of its lane.

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Pricing of the 2020 Alphard

Even as active safety features, Toyota still states that these systems are present to support the driver, and should not be solely relied on. Now with a price of P3,910,000 for all colors except the Luxury White Pearl that goes for P3,925,000, the Toyota Alphard presents itself as one of the most comfortable vehicles, but this time with the peace of mind to match. The company states that the updated model is available across 70 of its dealerships nationwide. 

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